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The Organization Behind The Successful of Indonesian Palm Oil Industry

Palm Oil Indonesia is a think tank non-profit organization under Palm Oil Agribusiness Strategic Policy Institute. We are proactive, independent and and focus on palm oil industry strategic policy nationwide.

Our Believe

  • Palm Oil Industrial management needs to be seen in a single system that includes up-stream (the nursery industry, fertilizers, pesticides), on-farm (oil palm plantations), down-stream (oleofood, oleochemicals, biofuels, surfactants, lubricants, etc.) And service providers (service for agribusiness).
  • Revolution on the oil palm downstream industry (oleofood, oleochemicals, biolubricant, biofuels, biosurfactant), revolution management and utilization of oil palm plantations and institutional revolution synergies private company / state cooperative estates and productivity determine the success of the industrial revolution persawitan become a global player.
  • Strategic Policies Synergy such as fiscal, monetary, international trade, spatial, institutional, competitive defense with other countries’ policies (importers, competitors) determining the sustainable competitiveness of Indonesia’s Palm Oil Industry in the global market.

Things We do

  • With a scientific approach, review / redesign (Policy ResearchPaper) palm oil policy, disseminating to the association, opinion makers and promote to the executive and the legislature for policy formulation.
  • Proactively monitor the state policy of competitors and importers of Indonesian palm oil; draw up policy response to policy adjustment.
  • Translate the implications of policy changes and the global vegetable oil markets, changes in government policy on palm oil industry players.
  • Prepare materials and helps to perform palm oil advocation through Scientific Public Relations at the domestic and international communities.
  • Escort strategic policy of national palm oil industry, across government and generations.
  • Organizing publications in the field of palm oil.
  • Facilitate the resolution of conflicts in palm oil industry.

Our Services

Palm Oil Industry Promotion (PASPI Advocacy Program)

The summary of things what we have done since we started

Perlawatan PASPI dalam advokasi dan promosi industri sawit Indonesia 2014 – 2020


Advokasi 2015 – 2016

Advokasi 2017

Advokasi 2018

Advokasi 2019

Your Career With Us

The combination of the pioneering spirit of a start-up with the stability of an established organization makes PALM OIL INDONESIA an exceptional employer, which walks unconventional and innovative paths. We prefer fast decision-making, flat hierarchies and a organization culture based around learning by doing – all this makes us more successful than ever.

If you would like to be a part of Palm Oil Indonesia’s success history, love challenges and have a passion for data, then Palm Oil Indonesia is the right choice for you.

Security & Data Protection

Palm Oil Indonesia’s account activation process meets the highest security requirements. All of our members’ payment and contact details are transmitted using SSL encryption. Palm Oil Indonesia’s offer our members a payment process which is as convenient as possible. All services provided by Palm Oil Indonesia can be paid for via Bank Transfer and also via invoice.

Data protection and transparency are important to us. All stored individual data is anonymized and encrypted. More information about data protection can be found in our Imprint. Feel free to contact support@palmoilina.asia for suggestions and criticism.

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