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Ensiklopedia informasi terkait isu-isu tentang sawit disertai data pendukung

Hoax 16 : Indonesia, as the world’s largest palm oil producer, has the lowest sustainable palm oil certification

Indonesia, as the wo

Hoax 15 : Sustainable palm oil certification slow

Sustainable palm oil

Hoax 14 : Sustainable palm oil certification lower compared to other vegetable oils

Sustainable palm oil

Hoax 13 : No Governance of Oil Palm Plantations in Indonesia

No governance of oil

Hoax 12 : Palm oil refinery industry has no waste management system

Palm oil refinery in

Hoax 11 : No governance on oil palm plantations on peatlands

No governance on oil

Hoax 10 : Oil palm plantations encroaches on forests

Oil palm plantations

Hoax 9 : Indonesia does not have a sustainable oil palm plantation management policy.

Indonesia does not h

Hoax 8 : Indonesia needs to adopt the HCV and HCS concepts, in order to promote natural resource and environmental management

Indonesia needs to a