Utilization of peat land for agriculture constitutes the biggest GHG emission source from global agriculture.

Pemanfaatan lahan gambut untuk pertanian merupakan sumber emisi GHG terbesar dari pertanian global.

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Data concerning global agricultural emissions issued by FAO (2013) shows (Figure) that the sources of global agricultural GHG emissions are enteric fermentation (43 percent), manure left on pasture (16 percent), the use of synthetic fertilizers (15 percent), rice cultivation (11 percent), manure management (7 percent), crop residues (3 percent), manure applied to soils (2 percent), cultivated organic soils (2 percent) and burning crop residues.

In other words, most (95 percent) of the emission sources of global agriculture is from activities of enteric fermentation, rice cultivation and use of factory fertilizer, while emissions from the peat land utilization is relatively small, namely only 2 percent.

Berdasarkan data emisi pertanian global yang dikeluarkan FAO (2013) menunjukkan (Gambar) bahwa sumber emisi GHG pertanian global adalah peternakan/enteric fermentation (43 persen), kotoran ternak di padang penggembalaan/manure left on pasture (16 persen), penggunaan pupuk pabrik/synthetic fertilizers (15 persen), budidaya padi/rice cultivation (11 persen), pengelolaan limbah ternak/manure management (7 persen), limbah tanaman/crop residues (3 persen), pemanfaatan pupuk kandang/manure applied to soils (2 persen), pemanfaatan lahan gambut/cultivated organic soils (2 persen) dan pembakaran sisa tanaman/burning crop residues.

Dengan kata lain sumber emisi dari pertanian global sebagian besar (95 persen) adalah dari kegiatan peternakan, pertanian padi dan penggunaan pupuk pabrik. Sedangkan, emisi dari pemanfaatan lahan gambut relatif kecil yakni hanya 2 persen.

Figure Sources of global agricultural greenhouse gas emissions

Sources of global agricultural greenhouse gas emissions

Source : FAO, 2013

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