Most forest fires occur in oil palm concessions.

Kebakaran lahan dan hutan pada tahun 2015 di Indonesia sebagian besar berada dalam konsesi perkebunan kelapa sawit.

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The spread of hotspots in November 2015 based on land use (Figure) shows a similar pattern of hotspots in other countries suffering from forest fires. About 56 percent of hotspots turned out to be outside oil palm concessions, namely primary forests managed by the government. This is followed by production forest (HTI) concessions, at33 percent, while the hotspots in oil palm plantation concessions accounted for only 7 percent.

In other words, the biggest forest and land fires in Indonesia during the El Nino period of 2015 occurred in primary forests managed byte government. Linking the forest and land fires to oil palm plantations is not supported by current facts.

Sebaran titik selama periode November 2015 berdasarkan land use (Gambar) menunjukkan fenomena yang sama dengan fenomena antar negara. Sekitar 56 persen titik api ternyata berada di luar konsesi yakni hutan negara. Kemudian disusul konsesi HTI yakni sebesar 33 persen. Sedangkan titik api dalam konsesi perkebunan kelapa sawit hanya sekitar 7 persen.

Dengan kata lain, kebakaran hutan dan lahan terbesar di Indonesia pada masa El Nino 2015, terjadi di hutan negara. Pengkaitan antara kebakaran hutan dan lahan dengan perkebunan kelapa sawit tidak didukung fakta-fakta yang ada.

Figure Spread of hotspots in November 2015 in Indonesia

Spread of hotspots in November 2015 in Indonesia

Source : WRI Washington, using NASA Active Fire

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