Oil palm plantations cause drought.

Perkebunan kelapa sawit menyebabkan bencana kekeringan di daerah-daerah perkebunan kelapa sawit.

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Drought is also a form of global climate change. The major droughts that occur in various countries also happen in regions throughout Indonesia.

Based on data from the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB, 2017), the provinces most vulnerable to drought in the 2010-2016 period were East Java (29 percent), Central Java (27 percent), West Java (20 percent), South Sulawesi (15 percent) and Aceh (9 percent) (Figure).

Those areas, especially Central Java, East Java and West Java, where 76 percent of the national drought disasters happened, are not oil palm plantation regions. Aceh was the only oil palm center province included in the five worst provinces for drought.

Based on drought data, it can be concluded that drought occurs in various provinces that have no connection to oil palm plantations. Drought occurs in both oil palm-production provinces and non-oil palm production provinces. Indeed the provinces where the worst droughts happened, mostly on Java Island, are not oil palm plantation regions.

Fenomena bencana kekeringan juga merupakan bentuk perubahan iklim global (global climate change). Bencana kekeringan di berbagai negara juga terjadi sebagaimana di daerah-daerah di Indonesia.

Berdasarkan data Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana (BNPB, 2017) menunjukkan bahwa urutan provinsi yang paling sering mengalami bencana kekeringan dalam periode 2010-2016 berturut-turut (Gambar) adalah Jawa Timur (29 persen), Jawa Tengah (27 persen), Jawa Barat (20 persen), Sulawesi Selatan (15 persen) dan Aceh (9 persen).

Daerah-daerah tersebut khususnya Jawa Tengah, Jawa Timur dan Jawa Barat dimana terjadi sekitar 76 persen bencana kekeringan nasional, bukanlah daerah perkebunan kelapa sawit nasional. Satu-satunya provinsi sentra sawit yang termasuk di dalam provinsi-provinsi lima besar yang mengalami bencana kekeringan hanyalah Aceh.

Berdasarkan data-data bencana kekeringan tersebut, dapat disimpulkan bahwa bencana kekeringan yang terjadi diberbagai provinsi tidak ada kaitannya dengan perkebunan kelapa sawit. Kekeringan terjadi di provinsi sentra sawit maupun bukan provinsi sentra sawit. Bahkan provinsi dimana terjadi bencana kekeringan terbesar yakni Pulau Jawa bukanlah daerah perkebunan kelapa sawit.

Figure Five severest drought disasters in provinces in Indonesia 2010-2016.

Five severest drought disasters in provinces in Indonesia

*Not oil palm plantation center

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