The palm oil products being offered in the market are palm kernel extractions that are of the same quality as coconut oil.

Minyak sawit yang diperdagangkan di pasar merupakan minyak dari biji sawit yang sama dengan minyak kelapa.

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In the world trade of vegetable oil, palm oil (PO) is often mistaken for palm kernel oil (PKO). In fact, there are distinctive differences in the physical forms and chemical constructions of the two. Palm oil is extracted from the meat of palm fruit, the mesocarp, while palm kernel oil is extracted from the seeds. The palm cooking oil and fat spreads being offered in the market are expressed from palm oil and not from palm kernel oil.

Unlike palm kernel oil (Choo and Nesaretnam, 2014), which is dominated by saturated fatty acid, palm oil is dominated by unsaturated fatty acid. In other words, palm oil products such as cooking oil and butter spread are not the same as coconut oil products and or other vegetable oil extracted from the seeds.

Dalam perdagangan minyak nabati dunia sering salah anggapan bahwa minyak sawit atau palm oil (PO) sama dengan minyak inti sawit atau palm kernel oil (PKO). Padahal keduanya amat berbeda baik secara fisik maupun kimia. Minyak sawit diekstraksi dari minyak daging buah sawit (mesocarp), sedangkan minyak inti sawit diekstraksi dari inti biji sawit (palm kernel). Minyak goreng sawit maupun mentega yang diperdagangkan di pasar berasal dari minyak sawit dan bukan minyak inti sawit.

Berbeda dengan minyak inti sawit (Choo and Nesaretnam, 2014) yang didominasi oleh asam lemak jenuh (saturated fatty acid), minyak sawit didominasi asam lemak tak jenuh (unsaturated fatty acid). Dengan kata lain, minyak sawit baik berupa minyak goreng maupun mentega secara kimiawi tidak sama dengan minyak kelapa (coconut oil) maupun minyak nabati yang berasal dari biji tanaman (seeds).

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