Hoax vs Fact Category: Health and Nutrition Issues

Among the issues in the negative smear campaigns often used by palm oil’s competitors is the causal relationship between palm oil and health and nutrition problems. The false accusation of the harmful effects of palm oil on health has been thrown around by palm oil’s competitors since the 1970s.Extensive research on health and nutrition related to palm oil consumption has also been conducted by experts in different fields in Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries. The research not only offers empirical evidence to counter the negative accusations about palm oil, it also provides more extensive information to the public about the nutritional benefits of palm oil that the consumers can take advantage of.

In this section, the perceptions, opinions and even myths related to the health and nutrition aspects of palm oil will be discussed through the presentation of empirical evidence from much research conducted in various countries. The dialectic between myth and the empirical evidence of the health and nutrition aspects of palm oil gains importance with the growing attention from consumers, especially in developed countries, about the health and nutrition attributes of palm oil.