Hoax vs Fact Category: Global Environmental Issues

Global warming has become a common problem and has gained the attention of the international community. Global warming and its impacts such as the global shift in the climate map, climate anomalies, floods, droughts, storms, the rise of sea levels and so on, have caused great losses and even threatened the sustainability of life on earth.

The global warming issue has clearly become a very serious problem and needs a fundamental and holistic solution. Since the problem constitutes deterioration in the earth’s ecosystem quality, its solution has to be global. Each individual, each country needs to position itself as a part of the solution, to become a problem solver.   For that, they need the same, equal and objective understanding about the causes of the global warming problem so that its solution can be found objectively as well. 

On the other hand, a tradition of behaving and thinking in terms of a search for a scapegoat, building myths or shifting the problem to another party/nation, without any empirical facts that can be accounted for, is not part of the solution but part of the problem, being a problem maker, and creates new problems. Shifting the blame by building global public opinion on the principle that “lies which are repeated if they are reported intensively and widely then one day will be accepted as truth”, will not help solve the global environmental problem.